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BeadedStream Racing

BeadedStream Racing is the brainchild of triathlete and owner of Fall Line Fitness, Justin Neff. It was created to make the world of cycling, running, swimming, and triathlons accessible to even the most beginners. Originally “Team Serranos”, we have reincarnated in partnership with BeadedStream and The Bicycle Shop Dimond as our title sponsors.

Justin Neff, Founder

Justin Neff, father and Owner of Fall Line Fitness.

Brian Schumaker, Founder

Brian Schumaker, father of 2 and CEO of BeadedStream

Brian Schumaker, Founder

From left to right: Jamin, GM of The Bicycle Shop Dimond. Dan Bailey, team photographer and adventure photographer.

Baby Maddox, Team Mascot

Dave Henke, Team Bicyle Wizard, Father, and Not Triathlete.

We brought in 2016 with a bang!

In our first year we built up to 30+ members. We saw athletes podium, move up racing classes, complete races they weren’t sure they could do, and most of all have a ton of fun while doing it. This year was our best season yet with plenty of tailgating and a commanding presence at any events we showed up to as a team. Congrats to all of my teammates on an epic year with huge progress for all. 

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, parents, athletes, and teammates who made this year so great!